The 2020-2021 Season will run from August 2020 - July 2021

The Composers

Aleyna Brown_Profile.jpg

Aleyna Margaret Brown - S3 Composer

Instrumentation: Vibraphone, Cajon, Flute, Mixed Media 
Duration: est. 8-10 minutes
Details: "Gaia" for vibraphone, flute, and cajon is a musical, textural, and spiritual exploration of Earth as embodied by the eponymous primordial Greek goddess. The piece is a celebration of Earth, mother, the very personification of nature and its gifts. As a feminist artist and composer, I seek influence and inspiration from powerful feminine figures. Mother Nature, Gaia, Terra; she is known by many names. Through this piece, in celebration and collaboration with the mission of the Green Vibes Project, I celebrate Her.

Joe Moore.jpg

Joe Moore III - S3 Composer


Alto flute, Baritone Saxophone, and Percussion Quartet

Perc. 1 - Vibraphone and Doumbek

Perc. 2 - Glockenspiel and Darbuka

Perc. 3 - Almglocken, Echo Chimes/Prepared Chimes, Triangle 

Perc. 4 – 4 Flower pots/glass bottles, Glass Wind Chimes, and Trash Cymbal Stack
Duration: est. 8 minutes

Details: Luminous (2020) is a chamber work for alto flute, saxophone, and four percussionists. The Green Vibes Project has commissioned this work for their Series 3 Consortium. The piece will be written in two movements and will explore the phenomena of reflected and refracted light across the light spectrum. Reflection is observed in smooth and rough surfaces. When light hits a smooth surface the reflected light travels in the same direction. When light hits a rough surface light reflects in many different directions such as the case of moving water. Refraction is the bending of light as it moves from one medium to another such as air to water or vice versa. These concepts will be represented both sonically and visually throughout the piece. 


Dave Molk - S3 Composer

Instrumentation: Vibraphone, Percussion, Saxophone, Backing Track
Duration: est. 7-8 minutes
Details: R3, a trio for vibraphone, alto sax, multi-percussion, and electronics, is a high-intensity piece suited for the club, the concert stage, and anywhere in-between. Dueling leads by the vibraphone and alto weave through an electronic texture punctuated by churning percussion. Each of the three performers has a chance to solo, and the percussionist’s instruments are left to their discretion (guidelines adhering to the themes of reduce, reuse, and recycle are supplied by the composer). Approximately 7 minutes in duration.

Robinson Headshot.JPG

Ryan Robinson - S3 Composer

Instrumentation: Percussion Quartet (including vibraphone and steel pan)
Duration: est. 6-8 minutes
Indiscernible Sense.. An electro-acoustic Quartet for Percussion with audio playback that utilizes progressive hip-hop influences of rhythm, harmony, melody and unconventional ways to perform percussion music. This piece is a loose narrative of my personal experience with COVID-19. It is not encouraged to listen for an overarching scheme of getting one's ‘senses’ restored or being deathly ill, but to simply capture a unique experience of disengagement. “That being said.. It is with great sadness to accept the lost lives from Covid-19. It is important to communicate my dearest sympathies with all that has been taken away during 2020. -Loved ones-Live music-Travel-Social gatherings-Normalcy-. This piece is an expression of new found hope after being a fortunate survivor. Let us start anew in season, unification, and optimism.”

-Ryan Robinson


Adam Silverman - S3 Composer

Instrumentation: Percussion Quartet with backing track
Duration: est. 10-12 minutes
Please Scream Inside Your Heart for percussion quartet with electronic accompaniment track was composed for The Green Vibes Project as music that requires no percussion instruments made from unsustainable and endangered woods and offers options to use salvaged materials. Aside from vibraphones, performers are encouraged to substitute upcycled materials for any other instrument called for in the music, matching the mode of sound-production and general tone of traditional percussion instruments as creatively as possible. The music has an incessantly propulsive recorded track with lo-fi sounds of synthesized arpeggiations and a distorted Wurlitzer electric piano. Composed entirely during the 2020 lockdown resulting from the Covid-19 global pandemic, the music is intended to express a bottled-up tension of unease and fear. Its title comes from a sign posted at a roller coaster in Fujiyoshida, Japan, insisting that mask-wearing riders remain completely silent, lest they risk spreading infection. This title, shared as a global meme, resonated intensely with the limitations caused by this disease, and inspired the music.